This blog is all about travel and documentary photography. I’ll be writing about professional and amateur travel and documentary photographers, inspirational Instagram accounts and hashtags you can follow, photography and camera tips and much more. Besides that, you’ll see some of my own photographs of some beautiful trips I’ve made.


My name is Anniek and I live in Amsterdam. In May 2016 I came back from a 5 month world trip. Making plans for this trip at the time, led me to the most amazing websites, photographers, Instagram accounts and ideas. Please let me take you on a journey and let me inspire you with the most amazing photographs from around the world.


If you have a question, idea, want to buy a print or if you would like to collaborate on a work or project, you can use the contact form on this website. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.


Because of the experience I have through various jobs in the creative industry and the knowledge I have about internet and social media, I know that being a photographer in this digital age is not easy. That’s why the showcased work on this blog is always used with the permission of the maker/photographer/artist. I will always refer to them with their name and/or website. Please keep that in mind and respect other people’s work.

uitnodiging kijkdoos_0014bewerkt

this funny box with me in it surfing some paper waves with a toucan and a palmtree in the front is made by my love 


credits: Lotte Kamphuis 

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