Soul in the sky

EC_0633pm_Palm_BeachFL EC_0646pm_Salton-Sea-CA

Dear readers, The photographer of today doesn’t necessarily fall into the ‘travel’ or ‘documentary’ category, but of course I can decide about that and I think it’s all about inspiration. And oh my, Eric Cahan really inspired me with his sky series. After seeing his series I tried to look at beautiful skies more and I’ll admit I tried made pictures of it trying to make a pic like his, but they weren’t the same. He is a true master at it.

EC_0654_Venetian_CausewayFL EC_0721pm_Sagg-Main-Beach-NY

And actually, for me, he falls in my ‘travel’ category. Every sky picture is taken on a different place or in a different city. A sunrise or sunset, some clouds or just sky. Every photo is different and has the most beautiful colors. Of course you could easily say like; that’s the work of photoshop, I can do that as well. But the truth is, IT’S NOT and YOU CAN’T.

EC_0721pm_Santa_Cruz EC_0722pm_Two_Mile_Hallow

And what is more fulfilling than capturing the REAL sky like that. It shows that the world and nature give us these little gifts, you just have to open your eyes. And Eric Cahan did! Would you like to see more of his sky series or other work? Go to or follow him on Instagram :)

EC_0844pm_Bigsur_California_V1_LR_ EC_0741pm_Stevens-Cove-Block-Island-RI

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