3 years of traveling in 1 project



We Call This Home is the special project of Walter Chang. His travel plan was to work and save money for 2,5 years and after that, travel for one year…. which became 3 years. He has seen over 60 countries. He was currently backed by the kickstarter community for $30,037 USD to make a hardcopy book with his amazing photos and stories.

Walter already made a supercool film about his travel, which you can view on his website, over here. It must be his dream coming true making a book and I can imagine it being very hard to put three years of traveling into only a 3.48 minute film. So a book must be very welcome. Congrats on the book Walter, you can probably cover some more shots now.


VicFallsMist1 WatchRepair


What I like about Walters photos and film is that everyone , though not all wanting a 3 year trip like this, can relate to his travels. Whether it’s that you’ve seen/been to one of the places he has been, or that you see all kinds of places that you’d want to visit in the future, and that you become inspired to take the leap and visit these places. I guess everyone can relate.


To my opinion he has a good feeling for photographing landscapes. Those pictures are absolutely stunning. But of course I covered all kinds of pics over here. If you want to see or know more about his world travel, or see what kind of tips he has, see any updates on his book, go to his website www.wecallthishome.com. He is an expert in long-time-traveling after all. Check him out!!

Oh by the way, his Instagram is cool too!


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