Jimmy Nelsons project Before They Pass Away


Dear readers, have you already heard about Jimmy Nelson? I guess so, but if not, please please look at his photographs, buy his books, do whatever you need to do, but this guys photos are stunning! I promise you, his project Before They Pass Away is one of the most beautiful projects you will ever see! Jimmy Nelson, to me, is an inspirational photographer, who (in my opinion) has the gift and passion of making contact with people from remote tribes and cultures, and capturing them in breathtaking pictures.

PNG-6 omo-15

On the website www.beforethey.com, they describe him as following:

“Jimmy Nelson is not a studied scientist but rather an self trained and visual anthropologist who through curiosity is trying to find answers”.

His photographic career took off in 1987 after the publishing of photographs of a yearlong journey through the inaccessible Tibet.


On the website you can find the current exhibitions and events, as well as the different tribes he photographed. I could of course say a lot more about Jimmy Nelson and praise him for all the beauty he made, but I decided to let the photographs speak for themselves and let you, as my readers, immerse yourselves in the website with all the information about the countries he has been and the tribes he has met. Go ahead, take a look! And tell me your opinion about his photographs! Which one is your favorite?



Please note that all the pictures I used here belong to Jimmy Nelson and that I’m able to display them on this blog with the consent of the Before They Pass Away team. Thank you so much for this!

Marken 4 PNG-13_web

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