Abstract travel photography

Happy Friday! Thank you for looking at this brand new blog. If you are new, please click here to read my first post, so that you understand a little of what you ran into.

Today I wanted to speak about my love for abstract photographs. Sometimes I discover websites of photographers who use a lot of abstraction in their work. It’s a style I personally really love. In my opinion a picture doesn’t always need to be sharp, and there doesn’t have to always be a person or a full landscape in it. Abstractions, textures, close ups and colours can say a lot about the place someone visited. One can evoke feelings or a kind of atmosphere. Maybe you can even remember aromas or flavours, just by looking at an intense photograph. Moreover, abstract pictures can often also give a certain rest in a series between the other photos. So, don’t skip these photos, nor on your own photography, neither on that of others, because these photographs can say a lot.


I would love to show you a couple of pictures from my trip to Turkey. The aromas, the colours and the light bring me back to all the places I visited. The swirling water reminds me of a super adventures trip. The swimming lady, alone in the sea, reminds me of the mountain I climbed and the void feeling I got from us as humans on this magical planet. The out of focus pink oleander, shot out of a driving van, brings me back to the odour we smelled all the way to the beach in that van.


The upcoming weeks I will definitely show you some of this kind of photography from great photographers and I hope that you’ll become just as enthusiastic as I am. This week I used some of my own pictures, but next week I’ll start showing photos of other photographers. There’s a lot of beauty coming up. Don’t want to miss it? You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

See you next week!


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