City trips


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Besides travel and/or documentary photographers I would also like to address Instagram accounts of people that use Instagram to show the beauty of their own city. Not everyone may be a professional photographer, but that doesn’t mean that a resident can’t capture the most wonderful places of his/her hometown. A lot of Instagrammers I follow are those kind of city-accounts. From Rome to San Francisco, from Paris to Bangkok and even my own city Amsterdam, are captured frequently. To follow these accounts can be very useful, because the photographers most likely display the most amazing or trendy areas of a city. Besides that, of course it’s definitely nice to just visually rejoice the city trip you just booked.

parijs januari groot_0039

parijs januari groot_0067_DSC4902

My most favourite city in Europe is Paris. In Paris I can wonder around for days with my camera in hand and capture the most special things. I love the buildings, the food, the museums, the hustle and bustle. There’s never a dull moment in Paris and the metro network works great. The city is bustling and alive!! Every year I try to plan a trip to Paris, so that I can make some new pictures and feel the energy of the city.

What’s your favourite city for a city trip?



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