Let’s do this!!

Oh my oh my, it’s time. This is the first blogpost of Inner Indian Soul, a blog about travel and documentary photography. Come on and dive into the magical world of amazing photographs!!


I’ll introduce myself first. My name is Anniek and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After half a study of photography, a long time working as a photography assistant where I could watch and learn during the most amazing assignments, a completed bachelor in New Media, a thesis about Instagram and a lot of wisdom, I’ve been thinking about the idea for this blog for a long time now. I have a passion for travelling and will be going on a 5-month trip on the 30th of November 2015. In my search for tips on the Internet I found enough blogs that cover travel destinations and travel tips, but I didn’t find the inspirational blog that could fulfil my photography passion. So, that’s why I think it’s time for a blog that’s specifically aimed at the most fantastic professional and amateur travel and documentary photography. And I’m going to try to provide you with it.


I have a lot of ideas for this blog and initially I will give you posts three times a week. I’m going to inspire you with photographs I find on the Internet, Facebook and Instagram. A great photographer I think everybody should know by way of photographic education. Or a photographer who is less known, but definitely deserves a place in the spotlight. An Instagram account that’s worth following, because it shows beautiful, touching or funny pictures. Or just tips for travel photography or the use of Instagram within the documentary and travel photography. Every day I get to be inspired by many photographers around the world and I think it’s time to share it with you, in the hope that I can give you, as my readers, an insight in the work of photographers you may not even know yet. And to give photographers an extensive stage by showing some of their pictures. Speaking about that, I will only show photographs of photographers that gave me permission to do so. Although my blog serves as an inspiration stage, nowadays the Internet is a space where we all infringe copyright on daily basis. I want to respect the work of every professional and amateur photographer and I decided only to show (the) pictures that the photographers agreed upon using.


Since not everybody I reached out to has agreed and since I want to write about a lot of them when my readership has grown a little bit, I will start with a couple of photographs from my own travels. Hopefully this can tempt you. My first real and long trip was when I was eighteen, after high school. I visited Peru and Bolivia and was amazed by the beauty of the countries. What a stunning culture and nature. After two months living in Cusco, I knew it would forever have a special place in my heart. Have you ever been to one of these countries?


I’m looking forward to this new adventure. You too? You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s do this!

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